Dans la rue

This series marks the beginning of my interest in the unceasing activity and polyphony of the street. Armed with a camera, a tripod, and a little stool, I walked the streets of Montreal in search of the other. I invited passers-by to stop walking and to pose for my camera just long enough to make a photograph. In this way—through sitting—I could formalize the encounter and intercede momentarily in their lives. At this time in my life, the wandering and the chance encounters were more important to me than the expected results. I have negatives from this project that remain undeveloped. I was searching for my own bearings in a city that was very new to me. While I wandered I noted the names of streets and the snippets of phrases that caught my ear. These incongruous bits of conversation accompanied me like a sound track, echoing the abundance of life and living in this place. Black and white silver prints.

Montreal, 2004.