Foule d'Autres

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The image, une Foule d’autres, was created by superimposing fifty portraits, individually printed on transparent sheets of acetate, in front of a photograph of a landscape. Halfway between painting and photography, the final image shows a build-up of mutable beings on a landscape, evoking the fragility of our existence. The mass of portraits brings together men and women of different ages, nationalities, and cultural backgrounds.

The shimmer of the acetates makes the sitters appear as if they are melding into one another, also producing a holographic effect. This image casts a solemn glance upon a collectivity that has been levelled by the build-up of figures and by the shared landscape. Subjects without personal faces, characters without proper identities, they become the bearers of possibility. An original work financed and produced as part of the Québec government prize, L’égalité à l’oeuvre.