L'herbe aurait dû s'abstenir de (re)pousser.

Birkenau: Lake of Ashes.
Auschwitz II, Pologne. 2009.

At first glance this landscape may look like a part of paradise, but it holds nothing less than the ashes of many thousands of Holocaust victims. Auschwitz, 2009.

L’antre (the den). A photographic series about the “in-between-space” of buildings. What was inside each building was so horrendous that the walk between one building and another became like a pilgrimage—a time for gathering my thoughts and feelings in peace. Unfortunately the chain of buildings is almost endless.

I would have preferred it if the floor had remained muddy, the sky gray, the buildings black and white. I would have loved it if time had stopped in limitless dismay, turning what remained into something more than the pilings of eyeglasses, hair, suitcases, and construction material.

Here there are only traces of hatred, glimmers of structures and bits of reality that are beyond comprehension. Silence is the only thing that endures from all these lives lived.