Le Cube

Outdoor videographic installation presenting a projection on a photographic support. A panoramic image of the river envelops a large cube during the day, then a scene of vigorous strolling issues from the shape once night falls. Like a portion of another location, of a space-time, of a trompe l’œil, the photographic image thus proposes an intriguing monolith, contrasting with the landscape of presentation. The projection next shows a shadow theatre (visible over 360 degrees) in which the individuals move about halfway between a lazy saunter and movements given rhythm by human activity. Spectators are invited to move close to the piece and thereby add their silhouettes to the installation.

Réalisé en collaboration et présenté dans le Les Rencontres internationales de la photographie en Gaspésie.

Parc du Vieux-Quai, Maria. 2016


I thank the Vidéographe artist center in Montreal for its support in the creation of this artistic project.