11/19: un film noir
gris pâle
gris foncé

A film project produced under severe constraints. Five Québécois artists, coming from different art backgrounds, were brought together for seven days at a communal residency in the Studio national des arts contemporains le Fresnoy (France). This was our first experience shooting a 16 mm film and having to process film by hand in the bath. We had to write the script on the fly, while shooting in an unfamiliar place. The result is a meeting of sound and image, of real and imagined sites.

Digitized 16 mm film, black and white, 5 min., original in French (collective authorship). Shot in Nord-Pas-de-Calais, France, during the summer of 2009.
Realized with: Véronique Béland, Gabrielle Laforest, Claudette Lemay et Marion Prével.