Allées et venues

Allées et venues II

Le panoramique, 2007

Allées et venues I et II, a video- and photo-based installation, focuses on the street as a site of passage and draws attention to the cycles and movements of life where the traces of beings are still anonymous.

The video (an animation) was made with photographs that were taken at the same site. It shows photographs of passers-by in plain movement alongside more static portraits. It shows the street, not as a lyrical space, but as something almost banal, prosaic. The images move fluidly into and out of the frame, creating the sense of an infinite panorama.

The choice of site and the lack of colour produce a confusion of past and present. The omission of meaningful elements helps to further blur the time of the action. The photographs and the video are the same size, with the lines of composition serving to link their different elements together. The project reproduces the atmosphere of the street inside the gallery, and by extension, the movement proposed by the video. Visitors can chart their own path through the installation. Like witnesses standing where I made these photographs, they encounter bodies and looks that become more or less consistent.

Montreal, 2007.

Annimation photographique.

VAV gallery. Montreal, 2007.