Tant d'existences et une histoire commune

As if taking a trip into another life I inserted myself into the day-to-day lives of various individuals, where I photographed them as well as the interior of their homes. Seen next to each other, these images elicit fluid and fictional narratives anchored to life’s concrete details.

Of the subjects, neither their face nor any other typically identifiable features are shown. Their backs are turned to the camera, evoking a more generic kind of subjectivity. The distance between the portraits and their referents creates a space for a more pictorial identity. Rather than serving to express a subject’s interiority, the portraits become more like silhouettes—spaces for reflection that can even draw into themselves the physical and psychological characteristics of the surrounding environment. The absence suggested by the pose, when combined with the clues provided by the environment, serves to encourage variable readings. There may be as many readings as there are viewers and moments of viewing. In this way, a specific identity is contrasted with the generic identity of others.

Montreal, 2006